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Creative agency 5IVE loves brands that want to make the world a little bit better. Strong brands that want to make a difference. Organisations with people who have strong ideals, who really care for what's going on around them.

5IVE was founded in 2014 by Born05 and focuses on the non-profit brands within the portfolio.

And although ideals are beautiful, they won't get you anywhere without means to stand out, connect, stay relevant and adapt to new developments.

To achieve this we always take the user journey as a starting point to create an effective strategy and original creative solutions.

We exclude nothing. As long as it fits the story.

5IVE vision


True stories mean the world

The best relationships are honest. They are free of false affection, and they are sincere and respectful.

In today’s turbulent media landscape, some brands are eager to adopt whatever character gets them most attention. It can work for a while, but not for long.

Our stories might inspire wild dreams or quiet contemplation. But they are stories to be taken seriously. True stories.

Audiences have reached saturation point. They want brands that offer genuine experiences and true stories, and that’s what we do.

So we work for strong brands that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Brands that believe in what they do and want to tell the world about it. Brands that are genuinely interested in their customers and employees.

We craft that belief into tales for every audience. The stories might be simple or surprising. They might inspire wild dreams or quiet contemplation. But they are stories to be taken seriously. True stories.

This is 5IVE


Genuine expertise

Together with our international clients, we develop content strategies, brand identities, creative concepts, intelligent formats and, of course, compelling stories.

We tell these stories through magazines, blogs, campaigns, events, apps and websites, and we do this for internal and external communications.

5IVE works across multiple channels, including print, mobile, online and social. We tell powerful stories in text, photography and video. Our strategists and creators know what needs to be done and who can do it. We have a wide network of talented and committed storytellers.

What we do


5IVE works

The real work begins when we turn ideas into results, and we do this in many ways.

We make beautiful travel content for iFly KLM Magazine, tell delicious coffee tales for L'OR EspressO EXPRESS, produce sharp copy for the massively successful SENSEO® Moments campaigns, and developed an entire communications strategy and execution for Decathlon.


    • 5IVE and Alzheimer Nederland present

      Heart Story

      A gripping short film for Alzheimer Nederland
    • Alzheimer Netherlands


      Platform for voluntary carers
    • Alzheimer Netherlands


      Generating attention for dementia
    • Staatsbosbeheer

      ON THE MAP

      Work in progress
    • SENSEO®

      SENSEO® Moments

      Making each moment count
  • 5IVE and Alzheimer Nederland present

    Heart Story

    Everything Alzheimer Nederland does, revolves around people with dementia and their loved ones. But how do you show this? Not in a few words on a website. So that's why 5IVE came up with the idea for a special video. Together with production company Wefilm an impressive and emotional short film was created. Heart Story represents the thousands of real stories told by people with dementia. And thus tells the story of Alzheimer Nederland, a wonderful organization that strives towards a future without dementia.

    “Amazing how 80 seconds can tell our story so beautifully.”

    Head of Marketing at Alzheimer Nederland,
    Patricia Kerckhoff
    Watch Heart Story at www.alzheimer-nederland.nl/beloofd
  • Alzheimer Netherlands


    For Alzheimer Netherlands 5IVE created and developed dementie.nl. The first help and inspiration platform built around the needs of informal caretakers who look after people with Alzheimer's. It serves as support, from the moment an informal caretaker gets worried and throughout the process that follows.

    The platform will grow throughout the coming years. It contains information created by experts, but above all it facilitates a dialogue between the real experts: the informal caretakers themselves. They know how to help each other, as they are the ones who know how it feels to live with the effects of Alzheimer's, each and every day.

    View Dementie.nl
  • Alzheimer Netherlands


    For Alzheimer Netherlands, 5IVE initiated several creative concepts for their annual collection, to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's disease.

    One of the creations was the most visible 5IVE ever came up with: a huge yellow touring car that visited several cities throughout the week. On the first day nearly half a million people saw the bus on national television, creating attention on the issue at hand: a future without Alzheimer’s. 5IVE was responsible for the concept and the creation.

  • Staatsbosbeheer

    Interactive map

    For Staatsbosbeheer 5IVE is developing several projects, including a fully interactive map that contains all the different areas and activities the organisation - and nature, of course! - has to offer. Nature lovers can explore hiking paths, different areas, even choose the best place to meet... a deer! More on this soon, watch this space!


    SENSEO® Moments

    In 2013, the strategic campaign SENSEO® MOMENTS enlivened the relationship between the coffee brand and its consumers.

    Millions of Dutch consumers know or drink SENSEO® coffee. But the brand lacked a strong client programme and faced growing competition. It was time to breathe new life into the customer relationship. The goal was a more active customer base, improved brand perception and more insight. Born05 developed the MOMENTS concept, through which SENSEO® occasionally contacts consumers with fun, relevant content linked to special moments in their day and in their life. 5IVE is responsible for the copy in these campaigns.

    View Senseo® Moments

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